We offer coaching services that cover general and specific areas. Our clients are both individuals looking for support as well as companies looking to support their employees. Our philosophy is that coaching is a co-created, confidential environment that helps guide you to the reflections, insights, and tools to help you be successful in any area on which you would like to focus. As your coach, we will not be giving you advice. Our role as your coach is to partner with you as you shape your vision/goals and as you generate your desired results.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is for professionals at the mid-executive level in their careers who would like a partner to work with them as they set and achieve their professional goals, seek professional growth, hone leadership and management skills, and tackle challenges along the way.

Transition Coaching

Transition coaching is for professionals who have recently made a change in their career (promotion, new job, new company, etc.) and are looking for a partner to help them set goals for their new position and be thoughtful about the transition as they step into a new role, job, or company.

General Coaching

General coaching is for anyone who has personal or professional goals that they would like support in achieving.

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